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Dakota Prairie Organic Flour Company, Your full Service Mill, Organic - Conventional - Gluten Free

milled and blended to enhance your products

WE KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE that different products require different flours. That’s why we offer a full line of flours, milled using a proprietary, European-style process and specially blended to bring out the best in your products. Robust breads, flaky croissants, melt-in-your mouth pastries, crunchy chips –

Whatever you make,
we’ve got the flour that makes it...Delicious!

Grown and milled for makers of fine foods.

We are a dedicated gluten-free facility!

Our Specialty Artisan Flours are Milled and Blended to Enhance Your Products!
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Consistent, uncompromising quality

BECAUSE WE WORK CLOSELY with a worldwide network of premier organic producers, we can ensure a steady supply of grain – which means our blends are absolutely consistent from truckload to truckload. And we care just as much about the purity of our products as you do. Our suppliers share our values and commitment to natural foods; the grains that go into our flours meet the most rigorous standards for organic, GMO-free production.

DAKOTA PRAIRIE mill features a new line of organic flours specifically developed to meet the needs of discriminating manufacturers. Offering a level of flavor, consistency and reliability never before available in organic flours, Dakota Prairie will make a noticeable difference in your products and on your bottom line. Once you’ve tried ours, you won’t be satisfied with any other flour and neither will your customers.

OUR DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE FACILITY has been newly upgraded to assure you and the satisfaction of your customers of our quality products for use in gluten free diet, gluten free recipes, gluten free foods, and the finest gluten free bread.

• Hard Red Spring Wheat • Hard Red Winter Wheat • Hard White Wheat • Soft Red Wheat • Soft White Wheat •
• Rye • Barley • Spelt• Durum • Kamut • Amaranth • Quinoa • Millet • Flax • Buckwheat • Sorghum • Lentil •
• Pea • Bean • Oat • Tapioca • Teff • Coconut • Garbanzo • Guar Gum • Almond Meal • Arrowroot • Xanthan Gum •
• Corn • Roasted Kasha • Potato Starch • Soy Nut • Rice •


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