Dakota Prairie Organic Flour Company

Dakota Prairie Organic Flour Company, Your full Service Mill, Organic - Conventional - Gluten Free

Specialty Artisan flour and flours, milled and blended to enhance your products. Wheat, rice, buckwheat, durum, peas, bread, breads, organic certification.

The need and demand is world-wide for gluten free diet, gluten free recipes, gluten free food, and gluten free bread.

Quick Bread Mixes
• Muffins and Scones
• Biscuits
• Banana Bread
• Pumpkin Bread
• Corn Bread
• Pancake and Waffle
• Pie Crust
• Baking Blend

Yeast Leavened Bread Mixes
• Sandwich Bread
• Multigrain Bread
• Pizza Crust

Brownie and Cake Mixes
• Yellow, Vanilla and Carrot Cake
• Chocolate Cake
• Pound Cake
• Brownies

Cookie Mixes
• Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate
• Sugar
• Peanut Butter

Custom Mixes Available

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We are a dedicated gluten-free facility!

Dakota Prairie Organic Flour Co.
Your premier supplier of
Gluten-Free Mixes!

Delicious custom gluten-free mixes

Gluten-Free Flours      Custom Packaging

Custom packaging

WE CAN handle your Gluten-Free needs, including grains, flour, mixes and packaging in our dedicated facility.